Liveries and Facilities

We offer:

  • Full hunt livery
  • Full Ridden or Competition Livery
  • Sales Livery

The horses are kept to the highest standard ensuring all their daily, or even hourly needs are met. The general atmosphere of the yard is highly professional and secure.

Our local hunts are the Heythrop Hunt, Cotswold, VWH.

Please contact us for current rates.


  • Two American Barns with 20 Monarch Equestrian. We aim to be full around 14 horses in. We believe in quality not quantity and hope this approach is reflected in the condition and health of our horses.
  • Covered 6 horse Monarch Horse Walker
  • 60 x 40 m All Weather Arena
  • Individual Turnout Paddocks
  • Larger fields for turnout in groups
  • Equine Salt Water Spa
  • Accommodation on site – 24 hour security and staff available for checking horses last thing at night
  • A gated premises with private 200m drive
  • Hacking over the estate
  • 6 horse Tristar horse lorry with living
  • Foaling yard with two large foaling boxes and four yearling boxes
  • Top quality horse-proof fencing


Equine Therapy Saltwater Spa

We have an Equine Therapy Saltwater Spa. Cold Salt Hydrotherapy is used to treat and prevent injuries in 35 degrees F (2 degrees C) saltwater. The spa has successfully addresses virtually all lower leg injuries. The temperature of the treatment alone induces accelerated blood supply and circulation. This drug-free therapy is used for preventing injuries, increasing mobility and reducing swelling in the limbs before and after competition. It is particularly popular with the racing and eventing worlds. See for more information.

Hacking, Hunting and Competing

For our clients, the facility to go hunting together in a group of friends is attractive. Also, to be able to ride together around the farm and surrounding area is a great plus.

We work closely with two equine vets, a farrier, a Mc Timoney Chiropractor and Equine dentist to ensure all horses are kept in the best of health.


Jamie Goddard


Leigh Miller

Equine and Human McTimoney Chiroprator

Alex Jessett

Equine Dentist

Tim Beauregard

Summer Hill Equine Vet

Nadine Page

Page and Gunterstone Vets