Stud and Breeding Programme

We have a herd of our own brood mares, predominantly thoroughbred in their breeding, usually with a touch of Irish. Jessica enjoys choosing a wide variety of mainly European jumping stallions to put her broodmares to, although she’s not adverse to the odd quality native breed.

What is important to Jessica is that the end product is a top quality riding horse with credible

  • Temperament
  • Ride-ability
  • Train-ability
  • Versatility

The key components of a top quality all-rounder. When purchasing horses to produce Jessica has found it to be important that if they don’t take to hunting, she takes them eventing and vice-versa. She believes that all horses have a vocation, and sometimes it takes time to identify. However, when it happens, this is hugely satisfying.

We have had some successful sales of our own homebreds as youngstock, and always have stock of two and three year olds as well as foals and yearlings.

We have grass livery for mares and foals, youngstock, a foaling down and weaning service. This is a small, personable service where clients are kept in regular contact.